Python django

Duration: 14 days
Course Fee: Rs.999 /- Rs.16500

Course Overview:

This syllabus is designed to provide participants with a hands-on and comprehensive introduction to Django, a high-level Python web framework. The course covers Django fundamentals, models, views, templates, forms, authentication, RESTful API development, and best practices for building scalable and maintainable web applications.

What you will learn
Understand the fundamentals of Django web development.
Build web applications using the Django MVC architecture.
Create and manage models for database interaction.
Develop dynamic views and templates.
. Implement forms for user input and validation.
Integrate user authentication and authorization.
Explore Django's built-in admin interface.
Develop RESTful APIs using Django REST Framework.
Learn best practices for Django development.
Materials included
Free Certificate
Life time video access
Live sessions on Google Meet
Future Support
No previous coding experience needed
Any computer will work: Mac Windows or Linux
Stable Internet Connection
Course Syllabus

Introduction to Django

  • Overview of Django framework
  • Advantages of using Django

Setting up Development Environment

  • Installation of Python and Django
  • Setting up a virtual environment

Creating Your First Django Project

  • Understanding project structure
  • Creating and configuring a new Django project

Exploring Django Admin Interface

  • Creating superuser
  • Managing models using admin interface

Django Models

  • Defining models and fields
  • Relationships between models (OneToOne, ForeignKey, ManyToMany)

Django Views and URLs

  • Creating views to handle HTTP requests
  • Mapping URLs to views using URL patterns

Templating with Django

  • Introduction to Django templates
  • Creating dynamic web pages using templates
  • Template inheritance and reusable components

Django Forms

  • Creating forms using Django Form class
  • Handling form submissions and validation

User Authentication

  • Implementing user authentication and authorization
  • Building login, registration, and logout functionality

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection

  • Understanding CSRF attacks
  • Implementing CSRF protection in Django forms

Django ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

  • Performing database queries using Django ORM
  • Database migrations and schema evolution

Django Middleware

  • Creating custom middleware for request/response processing
  • Implementing middleware for authentication, logging, etc.

Django Signals

  • Understanding Django's signal framework
  • Using signals for decoupled communication between components

Introduction to Django REST Framework (DRF)

  • Overview of DRF and its features
  • Serializers, views, and viewsets in DRF

Building RESTful APIs

  • Creating API endpoints for CRUD operations
  • Handling authentication and permissions in DRF

Writing Unit Tests

  • Writing tests for Django applications using built-in testing tools
  • Testing models, views, forms, and API endpoints

Debugging Django Applications

  • Using Django's debugging tools for troubleshooting
  • Debugging common issues in Django applications

Deploying Django Applications

  • Configuring Django settings for production
  • Deploying Django applications to popular hosting platforms

Scaling Django Applications

  • Optimizing performance for high traffic
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling strategies

Final Project Development

  • Working on a real-world project to apply Django concepts
  • Implementing features such as user authentication, CRUD operations, and RESTful APIs

Project Showcase

  • Presenting final projects to the class
  • Demonstrating project functionalities and discussing implementation details

Continuing Your Django Journey

  • Exploring advanced Django topics and resources for further learning
  • Contributing to open-source Django projects and communities

Networking and Career Opportunities

  • Connecting with Django developers and industry professionals
  • Exploring job opportunities in Django development sector
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May 19, 2024
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