Nuxt 3 Frontend Framework

Duration: 14 Days
Course Fee: Rs.999 /- Rs.16500

Course Overview:

This is the most comprehensive Nuxt 3 course on the market. You will learn many of Nuxt's incredible features all while build two real world projects. With each new project we will dive deep into more and more advanced Nuxt 3 concepts. By the end of the course you can proudly label yourself as a Nuxt expert!


Participants should have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Familiarity with Vue.js is recommended but not mandatory.

What you will learn
Additional Features that Nuxt Provide on top of Vue
Universal Rendering
Auto Imports
File based Routing
Utilizing Nuxt to build production ready application with based development practices
State Management with Pinia
Real Time Project
Materials included
Free Certificate
Live Session on Google Meet
Life Time Video Access
Life Time Support
Laptop or PC
Course Syllabus

Building UI Elements

  • Creating a Nuxt App
  • Adding Tailwind CSS
  • Building Navbar
  • Building Home Hero
  • Building Search Bar
  • Building Side Bar
  • Building Product Card
  • Building Product Details Page

File Base Routing and Navigation

  • Intro to File Based Routing
  • Auto Importing Components
  • Dynamic and Optional Paths
  • Filling the Page With Components
  • Unique Dynamic Paths
  • The NuxtLink Component
  • Adding Programmatic Navigation
  • Implementing Nested Pages
  • Change Titles With useHead

Define Page Layout

  • Defining a Default Layout
  • Defining a Custom Layout
  • Storing Common Functionality in Composables

Handling Clients and Server Errors

  • Adding a Page Not Found Page
  • The useError Composable
  • Dynamically Rendering the Product Cards
  • Dynamically Rendering the Product Details Page

Headless UI

Vuetify — A Vue Component Framework

State Management with Pinia

Server Endpoint and Http Request

  • Intro to Server Endpoints
  • Extracting the Path Parameters
  • Extracting the Query Parameters
  • Fetching the Data From the Server

The Recipe App Project using API

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May 19, 2024
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